The first football video game

Published in issue 4 of Late Tackle. Each new instalment of FIFA and PES, EA Sports’ and Konami’s respective football video game franchises, brings much talk of “player impact engines”, “updated facial representations” and “true-to-life active AI”. Whatever that actually means, there’s no doubt both games are thoroughly impressive technological achievements, presenting frighteningly realistic football […]

The Scoop Inter City Superleague

Published in issue #3 of Late Tackle. (A version also appeared on Sabotage Times.) Forget about fantasy football, in the late 1970s there was only one imaginary soccer competition worth bothering with – the Scoop Inter City Superleague. Not only did the football comic league pitch Britain’s best footballers (Kenny Dalglish, Bob Latchford, Trevor Francis…) […]

Jon Stark: footballer of the future

Published in issue 2 of Late Tackle magazine. Tevez, Eto’o and Gyan are among the latest breed of players to be tarred with the ‘football mercenary’ brush. But they have nothing on this 1970s Scoop comic superstar. Jon Stark arrived on the football scene in the late 1970s, a prolific striker who played for numerous […]