IBWM: The First Two Years

I’m pleased to be included as a contributor in the brand new book from In Bed With Maradona, IBWM: The First Two Years, which has just been released. Edited by David Hartrick and published by Ockley Books, it’s a sumptuous collection of some of the best writing and artwork from the excellent football website. What […]

Venezia and the tornado

An article published at In Bed With Maradona explaining how FBC Unione Venezia’s plans for a return to Italy’s professional leagues were disrupted by storm damage to their unique ground. Unione Venezia were preparing for a return to professional football when the tornado struck. Venezia’s ground, the Stadio Pierluigi Penzo, is a jewel of Italian […]

Spirit of the Chollima

I wrote a piece for In Bed With Maradona about how North Korea won Asian Cup qualification, and hearts and minds, at the AFC Challenge Cup. There is a mythical creature in Korean legend named the Chollima, which roughly translates as ‘thousand-mile horse’. It’s a winged beast – a Korean Pegasus – strong, swift and […]