The ten strangest goalkeeper injuries

An article on the dangers of being a goalkeeper, for Goalkeeper magazine. “Has there ever been a less fortunate goalkeeper than Chic Brodie, popularly known as ‘Unlucky Chic, the One-Man Natural Disaster’? The former Brentford keeper survived having a Second World War hand grenade lobbed at him by a Millwall fan in 1965, and was […]

The Victorian goalkeeper

An article for Goalkeeper Magazine about the origin of the goalkeeper in Victorian times, it also profiles some of the best Victorian keepers. It’s difficult to imagine football without goalkeepers, but in football’s formative years the position didn’t exist. In the mid-19th century, before association football had been codified, there were numerous variations and sets […]

The ten best fictional goalkeepers

List piece for Goalkeeper Magazine presenting ten of the best fictional goalkeepers from books, comics, films and TV shows. “Esteemed sportswriter Brian Glanville’s Goalkeepers Are Different was published in 1972 by Puffin and aimed at younger readers, but it’s a must-read for goalkeepers of all ages. The book tracks the progress of young keeper Ronnie […]