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IP: Joel Gotler at Intellectual Property Group

IP rights

Original source material for film or television. Paul Brown writes unusual true stories with bold characters and cinematic arcs. His previous work has been set up for development at major movie studios. Intellectual property rights for the following books and longform articles are currently available for consideration as drama or documentary feature films or series:

The Ruhleben Football Association
A group of famous soccer players must play to survive inside a brutal First World War prison camp.
A true wartime survival drama with bold characters and sports. ‘1917’ meets ‘Escape to Victory’.
Pitch sheet (PDF)

The Rocketbelt Caper
Three men become tangled in a murderous feud as they attempt to build a James Bond-style flying jetpack.
A true crime drama with eccentric characters and wild twists. Coen Brothers with jetpacks.
Pitch sheet (PDF)

Sins Dyed In Blood
A captured sailor must battle pirate hunters and his conscience after he is forced to sail under the black flag by infamous pirate captain Blackbeard.
A true historical drama with monstrous characters. ‘Kidnapped’ meets ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.
Pitch sheet (PDF)

The Man Who Walked His Life Away
A penniless shoemaker must overcome physical barriers and escape prison to become a champion in the strange sport of competitive walking.
A true sports history drama with a unique central character. A 19th century ‘Forrest Gump’.
Pitch sheet (PDF)

Books, clippings, and information on these and other works available on request.

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