The Origins of the Football League book review

My review of Mark Metcalf’s book The Origins of the Football League: The First Season 1888/89 is in the latest issue of When Saturday Comes.

“In 1888, during the early days of professional football, clubs began to look for a way to secure a regular income beyond that generated by occasional cup ties and friendly matches. It was Aston Villa director William McGregor who proposed the solution, suggesting that ‘the most prominent clubs in England combine to arrange home and away fixtures each season’. 125 years later, as the Football League celebrates its anniversary, Mark Metcalf’s extensively-researched book examines the inaugural season of the game’s oldest league competition.”

Read the full review in the November 2013 issue of When Saturday Comes or at the WSC website.

Get the book: The Origins of the Football League: The First Season 1888/89.

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