I’m pleased to be included as a contributor in the brand new book from In Bed With Maradona, IBWM: The First Two Years, which has just been released. Edited by David Hartrick and published by Ockley Books, it’s a sumptuous collection of some of the best writing and artwork from the excellent football website.

What I’ve always loved about In Bed With Maradona is that it favours stories over statistics, and doesn’t require its articles to fit ‘pegs’ or conform to popular demand. As such, it provides a platform for stuff that you simply wouldn’t be able to read anywhere else. So in the book, for example, we have Chris Ledger on how the Stone Roses helped reclaim the football terraces, Sam Kelly ‘live’-tweeting an Argentina vs Colombia World Cup qualifier from 1993, and Dan Brennan explaining how the birthplace of Argentine football is in Glasgow. (My own contribution is a short piece on Baines football cards, the Victorian equivalent of Panini stickers.)

The book contains 26 eclectic articles, plus photos and artwork from the likes of Stuart Fuller, Danny Last and Ryan Hubbard. There’s a foreword from Jonathan Wilson, and the whole thing is beautifully designed by Steve Rowe. IBWM: The First Two Years is out now, and available from Ockley Books.

Published by Paul Brown

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