Football features

List of football features written for FourFourTwo magazine prior to the launch of this website:

You’re booked! – world’s biggest football bookshop (March 2007)
Beer and football – illegal pub broadcasts (Sept 2006)
Some chickens are on the pitch… – animals (Oct 2005)
By far the greatest team the world has ever seen – unofficial football world championships (Oct 2004)
Whoops! – penalties (July 2004)
You don’t know what you’re doing – referees (March 2004)
I don’t think you wanted to do that – own goals (Feb 2004)
You laugh, you cry – North East derby (July 2003) – republished at

Published by Paul Brown

Writes about football and history. Four Four Two, When Saturday Comes, The Blizzard, The Guardian etc. Latest book: The Ruhleben Football Association. Twitter: @paulbrownUK

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