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Hello. I am a writer called Paul Brown. I write about history, sport, true crime, adventure, and lots of other stuff.


My books include The Tyne Bridge, The Ruhleben Football Association, Savage Enthusiasm, and The Rocketbelt Caper. See more.

The Tyne Bridge

The Tyne Bridge
Icon of North-East England
Hurst, 9781787387935
A compelling account of how engineering, architectural ingenuity, a great industrial tradition, and the labour of thousands came to span the Tyne."A rich plethora of wonderful stories." - Michael Chaplin

The Ruhleben Football Association

The Ruhleben Football Association
How Steve Bloomer’s Footballers Survived a First World War Prison Camp
Goal Post, 9780995541238
In 1914, several of Britain’s greatest footballers were interned in a brutal prison camp near Berlin."The real Escape to Victory.”
Sports Journalists’ Association

The Rocketbelt Caper

The Rocketbelt Caper
A True Tale of Invention, Obsession and Murder
Superelastic, 9781787387935
An obsessive quest to build a jetpack-style flying machine leads to feud, kidnapping, a ten-million-dollar lawsuit, and a brutal murder.“A delight to read. Genuinely stranger than fiction.” – Popular Science UK


I’ve written for publications including The Guardian, FourFourTwo, When Saturday Comes, The Blizzard, Longreads, and Narratively. See more.

Death of An Angel

Death of an Angel: Did a White Cop Kill a Black Guardian Angel?
Medium Longium
The police said it was an accident. The Guardian Angels accused them of covering up a racially-motivated murder. Who shot Frank Melvin?

The Fisherman Who Discovered the Loch Ness Monster

The Fisherman Who Discovered the Loch Ness Monster
A Scottish villager's quiet life is turned upside down after he encounters a strange creature that newspapers christen the "Loch Ness Monster".

The Female Horse Thief

The Female Horse Thief
Medium Longium
A young English heiress becomes a notorious American criminal after crossing the Atlantic in search of her exiled lover. But why has history erased her identity?

TV + Film

Several of my written works have been selected for TV, film, and podcast development projects. IP Picks showcases my available work. See more.

The Rocketbelt Caper

Rocketbelt Caper - optioned

Blood Red Sea

Blood Red Sea - optioned

Sins Dyed In Blood

Sins Dyed In Blood - available

IP Picks


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Paul Brown is a writer from the North East of England who specialises in unusual true stories with colourful characters and cinematic narratives.Email: paul at
Twitter: @paulbrownUK
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Agent: Richard Pike @ C&W

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