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The Ruhleben Football Association

The Ruhleben Football Association

How Steve Bloomer’s Footballers Survived a First World War Prison Camp

Savage Enthusiasm

Savage Enthusiasm

A History of Football Fans

The Rocketbelt Caper

The Rocketbelt Caper

A True Tale of Invention, Obsession and Murder


The Football Hypnotist

Celebrity hypnotist Romark claimed to have helped football clubs win cup ties, gain promotion and avoid relegation, and to have placed a bizarre curse on Manchester City manager Malcolm Allison. Read the true story of the football hypnotist in issue 395 of When Saturday Comes.

The Football War

When Honduras faced El Salvador in a 1969 World Cup qualifier, more than just a sport was at stake. The match that sparked the brutal “Football War” in issue 306 / December 2019 of FourFourTwo magazine and on episode 21 of the FourFourTwo podcast.

The killing of Tommy Ball

The tragic tale of Aston Villa’s rising star, the only Football League player to have been murdered. Read the story in issue 305 / November 2019 of FourFourTwo.

More Books

From A Blood-Red Sea

From A Blood-Red Sea

The Last Voyage of Daniel Collins

Sins Dyed In Blood

Sins Dyed In Blood

The Lost Pirate of Blackbeard’s Golden Age

Messages From The Sea

Messages from the Sea

Letters and Notes from a Lost Era Found in Bottles

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